A facility management company is a one-stop destination for all the cleaning and management of the office. The fuss of calling different people for different kinds of services gets over when you hire a facility management company. You can expect that the facility management company will give you the desired results. You can take a back seat from your office management jobs and let them finish the work. But what if the results and services are not up to the mark as you expected? There can be some signs that tell you that the facility management company you chose is wrong. If you don’t know what the signs are, then here we are telling you about the signs to look for.

1) Neglecting Work

Before choosing a facility management company, you would have seen their advertisements somewhere. In the advertisements, they would have promised certain tasks, which in reality, they may not deliver or neglect. When they finish doing your office chores, you may notice things not being as expected or some work left undone. The work not being done adequately simply means that your choice over facility management company is wrong. You can inspect the place right after they have completed their work and you can complain if anything does not appear right. But the best resort would be changing the company if you are planning for a long-term association.

2) Not Being Responsive

You can have any urgent work in the office at any time. Urgency can be anything like broken window glass or sanitization in the office. Whenever you call your facility management company during their working hours, they should respond to your urgency. The service should be provided within a small window period, if not then within the day. But if your facility management is not providing the service within the day, then it is a red flag for you. Then you should probably look for other facility management companies that provide you with the service on time.

3) Late Arrivals

You have a business to run where you need everything on schedule. The facility management services being late for the time schedule can’t be tolerated. Timeliness with cleanliness is very important for everyone, especially when at the workplace. You need your work to get accomplished on time and also need your office place to be well-managed. To make both timeliness and cleanliness work hand-in-hand, things need to be precisely on time. If they are coming late, that will disrupt your work. They may try to sum up the whole work in a short period, and it won’t provide better results. It may happen that sometimes they just don’t show up. So if your facility management company is not on time, then change the company.

4) Poor Communication

The persons coming from the company manage your whole office space. So they would know if there is any place with some issue that needs to be fixed quickly before you can identify the issue. These issues can be anything like leakage in the toilet or drain, stains on the carpet that can’t be removed, broken plumbing fixtures, and any other problem with the office premise. Any such thing needs to be addressed to you immediately by the personnel. If it is not communicated, then it is called poor communication, and such small things can lead to big problems in the future. You should probably change your facility management company if facing such issues too often. The personnel from the facility management company should have regular communication with you about what work they have conducted and done.

5) Customer Service

Your facility management company has to provide you with flawless customer service. Any problems you face regarding the office should be conveyed to them. When you are not satisfied with their work, you have the right to complain about it. But if they are not addressing your problem properly and not giving the needed attention, then you might need to change your facility management company. Your management company should be a call away from you. No matter what the issue might be, the facility team must listen to it and address it immediately.

6) Dated Equipment

See to it if the equipment used by your facility management company is not dated or even in poor condition. A lot of new equipment is available in the market, which makes the process fast. The right equipment saves long hours of labour. In this modern time, people need fast services. No one can wait for long hours to get the work done because they need to get back on track with their work. If your facility management company provides you with service that is time-consuming, then you should look for a new company that doesn’t take much of your time and uses the right and latest tools and equipment.

7) Lack of Training

The company needs its employees to be well-trained in the field to provide the best and fast services to the customers. Well-trained professionals can keep up the pace and complete the work within time. If the persons are not trained well in the field, then they tend to consume more time in completing the work. A person that is not well-trained can cause harm to themselves or to anything in your office premises. Thus, being well-trained in the field is essential for every person in the facility management company. Such services are a win-win situation for both the management company and its customers.

You may opt for a company that is near and cheaper for your office. But we suggest you don’t do that, rather opt for the company that is reliable. If you are not getting expected results from the current facility management, then you can cancel the contract and make a new one with the right facility management company. To save time and money, choosing the right one is essential.

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