Integrated Facility Solutions

As a superior operator of Integrated Facility Solutions and Facility Supply for several commercial, industrial and institutional assets, we find that the service and supply model can be different for each business type and in some cases there is a difference In services and supply for like types of business.

What We Do

Peakman Management Group Canada (PMGC) provides a wide array of In-house Integrated Facility Solution Services and Facility Supply, customized and designed to exceed our client's needs.

From designing and delivering the most integrated project to managing the smallest of operational tasks, we'll provide you with the most efficient operational environment possible.

Our Expect Excellence' vision maintains a constant presence at both our corporate office and in the field. PMGC achieves optimal management processes based on a diverse history of project experiences and is backed by a hands-on professional skill set that is unique to the industry.




Some of the key Facility Services and Supply offered are highlighted below:

  • FREE Facility Evaluations.
  • Integrated Facility Solutions and Facility
  • Preventive Maintenance Program.
  • Janitorial Services and Supply.
  • Construction/Project Management.
  • Energy Management Strategies.
  • Customer Services Program.
  • Procurement Initiatives.
  • Contractor Qualification Selection,
    and Monitoring.
  • Purchase Control.
  • Competitive Bid Process.
  • National Purchase Agreements.
  • Conference Center Management.
  • Document & Waste Disposal.
  • Construction Management.

Our Services Platform

Critical Services

Essential Services

Support Services

Construction & Project Management

You can’t go wrong with a team that will make sure every aspect of your project is completed to your satisfaction. We are there to protect both you and your brand!

Peakman Management Group Canada provides high-quality Construction and Project Management Services that extend across the entire project development life cycle, spanning from business cases and feasibility studies, through to procurement strategy, scope development and planning phases, construction execution, commissioning to completion and beyond.

We understand every business has deadlines and targets to meet, so PMGC ensures the successful delivery of these goals by providing experienced people into your business. We integrate seamlessly into client’s teams or can provide a complete team to start delivering results immediately.


Peakman Management Group Canada has skilled technicians and partners that are capable of servicing all aspects of a facility and will arrive fully prepared and capable to fix most issues onsite.

PMGTECH also offers emergency repair services and ongoing preventative maintenance programs to eliminate down time at your facility.

Our goal is to lower your costs and increase the lifespan of your facility!

We make deliberate efforts to operate our business in an environmentally responsible manner.

We strive to achieve environmental excellence and work with our employees, customers, partners and suppliers to meet the environmental commitments.

Ask us about our 24 Hour Emergency Service available to our clients.

When you work with Peakman Management Group Canada, Expect Excellence. represents in excess of 1,000 brand name manufacturers, and over 400,000 quality products. Aside from the vast selection of manufacturers we represent, we also have access to 6 distinct and exclusive private label brands of material handling, safety, and industrial tool categories which provide top quality with exceptional value.

  • Facility Maintenance.
  • Material Handling.
  • Safety.
  • Tool.
  • Packaging & Shipping.
  • Instruments.
  • Official.
  • Electrical.
  • Welding.
  • Storage.



"Our mission is simple...we must consistently offer our customers, their teams and their clients, the very best opportunity to be successful."