Facility On Demand

PMGC’s Facilities On Demand Service and Supply is a convenient and cost-effective outsourcing solution for organizations that want to focus on their core business activities.

Facility On Demand - An Overview

Simply put, Facility On Demand is a service that lets you choose janitorial and maintenance services on an urgent or contract basis for your commercial property. The service lets you worry less about your property’s maintenance and focus more on the core of your business. In Canada, the fundamental role of a service management company is to work on outsourced projects of the client’s workplaces.

Business owners and office managers can stick to making a business run well while delegating workspace management tasks to on-demand companies like Peakman Management Group Canada.

Why Choose PMGC’s Facility On Demand?

PMGC’s Facility On Demand solution is a convenient and cost-effective way to manage facilities. It is a unique service offering designed for organizations that need professional facility management at short notice. With our Facility On Demand service, you will reduce your operating cost, while maintaining your facilities in optimum condition.

Here’s why you must consider hiring Facility On Demand service from PMGC:


How PMGC Facility On Demand Model Works

Peakman Management Group Canada will assign a professional PMGC-trained facility manager for your specific needs. Whenever you have any facility service needs,
you can directly contact your personal PMGC facility manager or send a Service Request through our website. Your PMGC facility manager will select and
dispatch our trained in-house facility service technician and/or a pre-qualified local contractor to perform the requested work.