Peakman Management Group Canada – Corporate Integrated Facility Solutions.

PMG’s Integrated Facilities Solutions Management is a solution that consolidates many or all of a business’s facilities services under one contract and one management team. The sentiment towards property and facility management is changing heavily. The result is - an increasing number of businesses in Canada are moving to,
and benefitting from, outsourcing these services.


Outsourcing and Cost Savings

“Do what you do best. Outsource the rest.” - Peter Druker

The primary focus of any organization should always be on running the business well. Thinking about the workplace’s functioning isn’t something that should take up a considerable amount of time from the daily schedule. Senior management spends plenty of time on developing strategies, overseeing, and reviewing strategic and investment decisions. In many cases, senior management is also involved in the review of top-level operations of the facility management division. Outsourcing property and facility management is the optimum solution. PMG performs facility management with better quality and care which results in fewer accidents, fires or service degradations for the customer.

Apart from giving business owners more time to invest in their business, outsourcing also results in significant cost savings. Outsourcing impacts the indirect costs of a business. An indirect cost is a cost that represents the expense of doing business that is not readily identified with a particular project or activity but is necessary for the general operation of the organization and the activities it performs. Most costs associated with facility management can be saved post-outsourcing in different departments of a business.

To summarize, successful and well-organized outsourcing can grow profitability, improve productivity, reduce business risks, increase competitiveness, and let companies focus their efforts on their core business and key competitive advantage.

Program Customization

No two properties are similar, and none of their needs are alike. All buildings and companies require customized solutions and flexible management of all related operations. This is where PMG’s experience shines! With our internal programming team ready for any kind of project, we can move quickly and develop a facility operations model, that is customized to benefit your specific needs, while also lowering costs and complexities. Modern Property Management is a science on its own. With a mixture of highly advanced technology and a great reliance on knowledgeable people, Property Management will always be a complex matter. At PMG, we recognize this and offer our customers a high level of transparency, ensure the right KPIs for the contract, with a focus on availability and staff well-being. We can provide customized services to our clients as we understand there isn’t any one-size-fits-all facility service and property management program for clients of different types and scale.

Some of the Services Offered

Facilities are more than just their physical location, and we are here to provide you with integrated
facility management and maintenance services so that your business isn’t impacted.

With Peakman Management Group, you will minimize your risk, reduce inconveniences and eliminate the hassles of everyday maintenance tasks while having the peace of mind that the value of your property is professionally maintained.