Pro Pipe Supports

Pro Pipe Supports aren’t similar to the usual pipe supports. Their unique design makes them different from any other pipe supports available in the market. Pro Pipe Industries have applied over 20 years of experience to the design of the Pro Pipe Supports. Pro Pipe Supports were first created in 1992. They are made of moulded, impact resistant nylon resin formulated to withstand extreme heat and cold and carry heavy loads. These supports have 100 square inches of surface area to distribute and decrease roof load evenly. Peakman Management Group is happy to have the entire range of Pro Pipe Supports on our marketplace.

Application of Pro Pipe Supports

Pro Pipe Supports are suitable for all roofing styles and compositions and support pipe sizes from 1” - 4". The unique design enables them to work well on flat roofs, sloped roofs, and uneven roofs. These supports can be used to support piping on shingled, built-up, single-ply, modified, metal, and inverted roofs. It can also be mounted on walls to carry pipe vertically or horizontally. Pro Pipe Supports provide more base coverage than any other manufactured system on the market today. They can be used for gas lines, electrical conduit, refrigeration piping, etc. When the roof is refurbished the existing Pro Pipe Support can be re-used meaning it is truly a one time purchase.

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Benefits of Pro Pipe Supports

Apart from Prop Pipe Supports, we also have the following products:

Pro Pipe Support Extenders

Pipe extenders are available for 1" thru 4". These extenders nest on the top of a Pro Pipe Support and raise the base of the cradle by 1" increments. This versatility allows the use of Pro Pipe Supports on virtually any surface, regardless of continuity of surface. Extenders are used for the gas line to remain level and not sag when running through the roof drain areas rather than contractors looking for shims.

Pro Pipe Clamps

The clamps may be used on any pipe not larger than their nominal size. It's crucial that the clamp is not snug on the pipe. The 1" thru 4" clamps are to be placed on top of the Pro Pipe Support and secured with #8 x 3/4" truss head screws through pre-drilled holes.

Irrespective of your project, Pro Pipe Supports can be your smart choice.
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