Recycling is an important thing that needs to be practised globally. Recycling for a good cause will result in protecting the environment. Today, recycling is the need of the hour. Offices are looking to have waste management systems on their premises. Offices are focusing on the environment, as everyone knows that the ecosystem must stay healthy for humans and other living beings to survive. So, the organizations are taking steps towards implying methods in the office for waste management. Here are a few things that even you can do as a part of waste management.

Be Smart With Paper Products

There is a lot of paper waste that lies in the office premises. Sticky notes, notepads, printing papers, tissue papers are the various things that are used in an office daily. You can limit the use of paper products in office premises by using waste management methods. When you are using a printer, set the setting to use both sides of the paper to print. It will cut your consumption of printing papers in half. When you get any shipment delivery at your office, keep the shipment box so you can later use it. You can keep paper recycling receptacles with your printer, fax machine, or copy machine so that employees can put the unused papers in the machine.

Make a Green Team

You can put up a team of employees to handle the waste management program of the office. They will look out for the recycling and reuse of the waste in the office premises. You can select members from different departments and from your management team. People from your management in the group will give you authority and responsibility for the green team. The number of members in the team should be according to the size of your organization, so it will be easy to handle the organization. People from various departments will have different perspectives and creative solutions for managing waste.

Install Recycling Dustbins

Installing recycling dustbins in the office for specific types of garbage will help segregate and recycle garbage. You can tell employees the usage and importance of the dustbins. Make your employees follow the rules strictly and also instruct them to put the garbage in the specified labelled dust bin. Make sure that the dustbins are labelled correctly and are distinguishable from each other so that people know where different types of waste should go. The dustbins can be labelled with plastic, glass, organic was or general waste.

Go Digital

Use phones and computers to send e-mails or keeping to-do-notes. You can use reminder notes in the computers or smartphones rather than scribbling them on the paper and later throwing them away. You can recycle some of the papers, but sticky notes are such kinds of papers that cannot be recycled due to the glue in it. So you can use a pencil and eraser to write and erase on the sticky notes. It will help to reuse the paper. Best, you can go digital and use the windows version of Sticky notes; it will save you paper and money too.

Save on Office Equipment

Office equipment leads to a huge number of waste in landfills, and it also affects air quality. Try to minimize the manufacturing of office equipment. You can buy used office furniture as it will save you money, plus it will help in reducing the office waste. You can look out for remanufactured office equipment like chairs, desks, tables, cubicles in the market. Buy used copy machines, printers, or fax machines. It will cut down your costs. Fax and copy machines create a lot of waste. Buying used fax and copy machines will reduce the increase in waste, and also make sure they are efficiently working. Make your employees develop the habit to unplug printers, fax machines, and copy machines whenever they are leaving the office. It will save electricity and also save the devices from developing any fault. Recycle electric equipment like phones, computers, printers, and other machines. Buy high-quality products that last longer, so you don’t have to repurchase equipment shortly. This will also make you avoid contributing to the manufacturing of e-waste.

Organize Waste Management Programme

To make recycling and reusing more active, you can organize a one-day event for the waste management program in the office. You can explain the benefits of recycling and reusing waste. It will have more effect on the employees rather than just telling them to practice it. In the program, you can tell them how recycling saves them money and how it benefits the world around them. It can be an interactive session where employees can clear their doubts and have more deep insights about waste management. Such events can be beneficial for an organization to understand the initiative and working together towards it.

Tons of amount is produced every day around the world. The garbage in landfills is increasing day-by-day. So practising recycling and reusing will help to manage the waste of the office and will keep your workplace clean. As we provide various services for office management, you can contact us to get the best services in Alberta.


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