A workplace environment influences not only the employee’s performance and productivity but also their well-being. No matter what type of company or business you run, maintaining a clean workplace provides your staff members with some benefits in terms of safety, health and efficiency.

We, at Peakman Management, understand that busy schedules and increased workloads may cause cleanliness standards to dip. It may be tempting for you to skip cleaning around the office or worksite. But you need to keep in mind that doing so can put your employees at risk and may also impact the impression in the minds of your visitors. Therefore, we have prepared a checklist of the most neglected sections in the workplace to make it easier to maintain cleanliness in every corner.

Enclosures and Exhaust Ventilation Systems

It is vital to clean all the enclosures and exhaust ventilation systems that are responsible for the capturing of fine particles of dirt and dust. These systems are frequently used in the workplace to protect employees from hazardous substances. Exhaust ventilation systems include elements like:

  • Ducting – A system that transports the contaminants to a filter, cleaner, or exhaust point.
  • Air cleaner – An equipment that filters the contaminated air.
  • Air mover – A fan that powers the system.
  • Discharge – A safe point of air exhaust.

These systems might sometimes fail to collect dust, dirt, and chips adequately. Facility cleaning supplies like vacuum cleaners are suitable for removing light dust and dirt that are otherwise hazardous.

Employee Lockers

Staff morale is an important factor to consider. A clean space can make your employee’s day more enjoyable, thus improving their performance. Employee facilities such as lockers and their cabinets need to be adequately cleaned and well maintained. Lockers and cabinets that are necessary for storing employee’s belonging are often ignored. Your employees wouldn’t want to keep their valuables in dirty lockers and cabinets, thus clean them.

Walls and Baseboards

Did you know your walls also need cleaning? Yes, they do! Cleaning them regularly with right facility cleaning supplies such as microfiber and soft brushes is the key to keep your walls looking sparkling. If there are any liquid spillages, oil, or grease on the walls, then these should be cleaned immediately to maintain the professional look of the office.

Light Fixtures

Your office lighting is as crucial as every other element in your workplace. The lighting source has to be cleaned from time to time. The dirtier the lighting source is, the dingier the workplace will look. Not only is it important to repair the light fixtures, but it is also important to clean them regularly. Adding this in your facility cleaning checklist keeps your facility from hazardous situations caused due to poor lighting.

Aisles and Stairways

These sections should always be kept clean and tidy. Aisles and stairways are the keys to an effective emergency evacuation. Any blockage in these sections can create a hazard for those who are trying to escape. Unnecessary clutter can cause people to trip over the stairways even on regular days. Therefore, these places should be kept clean. Eliminate any obstacle in between that obstructs the path.

Storage Rooms

Storage space is a necessary element of workplace cleanliness. A clean storeroom makes it easier to find the materials needed at the right time. Stacking cartons and drums on a firm foundation and cross tying them is necessary to make space for people to freely move in the room. Make sure to store flammable, combustible, toxic, and other hazardous materials in approved containers in one corner of the room. The storage materials should meet all the requirements specified in the fire codes. They should also meet with the regulations of environmental health and safety agencies in your jurisdiction.


Poor floor conditions are one of the leading causes of incidents in offices. Allowing chips, shavings, and dust to accumulate on the floor can cause incidents. If a floor area cannot be cleaned regularly, you can opt for anti-slip flooring or mats to decrease the likelihood of injury. Keeping and maintaining the floor in good order means replacing any worn, ripped, or damaged flooring that can cause a tripping hazard. Though regular cleaning is a must, addressing spillages should be prioritized as they are hazardous to those working within the workplace.

Why Maintain Cleanliness at the Workplace

Inappropriate or poor housekeeping and use of wrong facility cleaning supplies can lead to some disruptions in the workplace. Regularly cleaning the space can provide you with a lot of benefits such as an orderly arrangement of documents, equipment, etc. This eliminates the fear of employees tripping and stumbling over loose objects scattered on the floor due to negligence. To summarize, cleanliness:

  • Prevents the fear of getting hit by falling objects,
  • Avoids greasy, dirty, or wet surfaces,
  • Reduces the exposure to dangerous and hazardous substances, and
  • Improves the overall hygiene of the workplace.

Peakman Management Group Canada (PMGC) is an integrated facility solution providing a wide variety of facility cleaning supplies to commercial offices and workplaces. We offer services that are customized and designed to exceed our client’s needs. Read our testimonial clippings and decide for yourself!

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