The workplace is where you and especially your employees tend to spend most of their time. It is a space where eureka moments occur, new ideas are born, new employees join in and some very crucial business meets might take place. What if you do all the hard-work to bag a potentially big deal and your clients have decided to take things forward with a meeting in your office? What if the first thing after entering your office, they see dusty carpets, stained floors and all the things that are evident of you being incapable of handling such a big business deal?

Your dirty office environment will lead to you losing an extremely important opportunity. Don’t pile the work of keeping offices clean completely on your employees. It is so much easier to hire expert janitorial service providers who will do that for you. It’s high time you realize how adversely dirty office can affect your business.

Hinders Employee Productivity

Can you walk in a park that has piled up garbage all over? Of course, not! This is just a metaphor of how your employees might feel when they are surrounded by dust on their desks. Employees feel extremely demotivated and are unable to prove their best work. Unclean workspace gives out a negative sense of feeling that hinder employee productivity. If the office doesn’t offer an employee a clean and tidy workspace, they turn bitter towards the office and start searching for other companies that will offer them this. Unhappy employees lead to bad publicity of your organization. How? Employees talk about work and office with their family, friends, new colleagues, etc. most of the time. Dissatisfied employees will speak rueful things about their dirty workplace which in turn leads to a professional downfall of your office.

Pushes Client Away

Often, clients are impressed just by looking at your exceptional work portfolio. But not all the time. Some clients might decide to have a meeting at your office to meet the team who is going to work on their project and to take a look at the work environment. It is not a good first impression if your office has dusty carpets, cobwebs housing in the corners and used coffee mugs laying on tables on the meeting day. They might assume that you put minimal care into your overall business. Your clients would think that you are incapable of handling such big projects if you can’t put enough attention to your internal matters. It is this time that you would realize how great it would have been if you hired an expert janitorial service like Peakman Management. However, if you take some action now, you might be able to crack some huge deals in the future.

Sick Employees

If your office is not cleaned frequently, then it becomes a breeding ground for many pests. When you start seeing rats, cockroaches, fleas and other pests in your office, it is a clear signal that it is going to create some vacancies in your office. A dirty office leads to an increase in sickness among employees. Dust could cause allergies and pests could lead to some serious sickness. An increase in employee sickness means more sick day leaves which ultimately leads to work not getting completed. Piling up of work means slow delivery to your clients, and thus, clients losing interest in your organization. It is very important to look after your employees’ health. When your employees realize that their dirty office environment is costing them their health, they wouldn’t last long. It might be a long-term danger, but it is better to prevent this from happening by hiring professional janitorial services and save your employees from getting sick.

Office Assets Turning Into Liabilities

All those plush desks, hardwood flooring, elegant glass doors, and some miscellaneous things are part of your assets that usually elevate your office environment. But when you avoid keeping these assets clean and allow dust and stains to accumulate on them, nothing can stop them from turning into nightmares, or worse, your liabilities. These things should be looked after and cleaned, to welcome uninvited guests in office i.e clients. Another way your assets such as furniture might be turning into a liability is when you don’t tend to it and they eventually start degrading. Rather than putting in large sums of money later to buy new ones, it’s better to invest little money in a quality janitorial service.

Fall in Recruitments

What if you have called a potential candidate for an interview and to their absolute horror, they find a messy office in front of them with dust lurking in every corner? They would leave and choose not to come back. This way a dirty office can lead to a subsequent downfall in your recruitment. No candidate would choose to work in an office that breathes dust like oxygen. Or where the toilets are not clean. Or if the pantry has piled up plates for days. All these things are extremely unappealing and you could lose a potentially good employee.

A clean and tidy office is a sign of professionalism and not just having a good portfolio of work and clients. Don’t just clean your office on special occasions like client meetings but hire the best janitorial service that could come and keep your office squeaky clean each day. Peakman has the best janitors who are capable of bringing the best features of your office on the surface. They do all types of cleaning from cleaning light fixtures to cleaning the badly stained walls. Peakman’s janitors are equipped with the best tools suitable for the particular type of cleaning. Call us today and hire the best janitorial services in town.


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