In today’s fast-paced world, the requirements of an office’s maintenance and management are changing too. Appointing an in-house workforce and setting up a separate department to look after the overall maintenance of your workspace may seem like the perfect option. But this department may not be fully equipped to handle large urgent requirements, or you may not want to invest in equipment or supplies that you will only need once in a while. If you don’t have a regular requirement for office maintenance and management, then on-demand facility management can be an alternative for you. Simply put, this service lets you available the benefits of comprehensive facility management and maintenance as and when you require. Let us now look at what are the benefits of outsourcing this on-demand facility management service.

Round the Clock Availability

The first and most significant advantage of outsourcing on-demand facility management lies in the name of this service itself. The service can be available on demand, that is whenever required. Whether you wish to need maintenance service out of office timings or want to manage various tasks on the weekend or when the office isn’t functional, on-demand service providers will cater to you as per your requirements. But when you hire maintenance staff, their services will be limited to your office timings. And if you want them to work other than these times, you will have to pay them extra. Plus, your in-house staff won’t be available when you require emergency maintenance assistance due to an uninformed mishap or failure in your office.

No Headache of Hiring

Appointing in-house management and maintenance team means hiring a group of people who are good at what they are supposed to do. In other words, it’s more like hiring permanent employees for your organization. The process of finding candidates to screening them to interviewing and finalizing them is a time-consuming and hectic one. Rather than investing a month or two in finding the maintenance team for your office, you can outsource the tasks to an on-demand facility management company. These companies have a pool of professionals who can provide flawless services whenever you want them to. And all this happens immediately – the companies appoint a team to you as soon as you explain your requirements to them.

A Variety of Service Delivery

When you hire staff to look after your office’s janitorial chorus, the team will be limited to providing janitorial services only. And if you want overall office maintenance and management, you will have to hire highly trained professionals to look after all the tasks. This way, you will end up spending more and have several people designated for various tasks. Why opt for this option when you can take the easier way out? By outsourcing on-demand facility management, you just have to pay the company once, and they’ll send professionals who can perform various maintenance and management jobs. Facility management companies provide a range of services like,

Reactive and preventive maintenance

General building maintenance

Seasonal facility maintenance

Pest control

Building management systems (BMS)

Plumbing system maintenance

Fire fighting system maintenance

Security systems repair and maintenance

Electrical systems maintenance

Emergency generation and UPS system maintenance

HVAC system maintenance

Lighting system maintenance

Infrastructure maintenance 

All mechanical systems

Commercial cleaning services and supplies

Fabric maintenance

Energy management and conservation 

Document and waste disposal

Construction and project management 

Moving and relocation and setup of your new facility location 

Get some or all of these services whenever required by outsourcing to a reputed facility management company like Peakman Management Group.

Systematic Working Approach

On-demand facility management companies, Like Peakman Management, understand that no organization has similar requirements compared to others. This is the reason why they custom-make facility management and maintenance packages for you that includes all the solutions that you are looking for. They don’t force any one-size-fits-all services or packages to the clients. From the start till the end of the project – that is, from understanding your needs to raising invoices – they ensure that you don’t encounter any problems and the process moves ahead in a structured way. Your personal facility manager will manage the quality, schedule, and budget to ensure that the work is performed responsively and cost-effectively. All this isn’t possible when you hire in-house management staff as they aren’t trained well and enough to provide high-quality services.

Access to Better Facilities

When you hire in-house office maintenance staff, you have to buy office maintenance and cleaning products for the staff to work with. The staff won’t get the tools and products on their own. As a business owner or manager, you may not have the knowledge of the right products to use for different purposes in your office. Your limited research will let you buy products that claim to be the best. Plus, the staff you hire may not know the secrets of maintaining your office well. In other words, working with in-house office maintenance team may not give you the best results.

On the other hand, when you hire an on-demand facility management company, you can expect the unmatched services. The companies use the best-in-market products and know how each product should be used to their best potential. The workers of these companies come fully equipped and you don’t have to buy anything yourself. These high-quality and designated products, combined with several years of experience of professionals, ensures high-class office maintenance and management services.

If you have decided to hire an on-demand facility management company, consider hiring Peakman Management. We provide quality services across Canada and will be available within an hour of your phone call. Give us a call to find out more about PMG.


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