An office needs to be maintained for the staff and clients to feel comfortable. To maintain the office and make it look clean, a facility manager has to take upon the responsibility. The facility managers have the responsibility to stay in the budget and also keep up good maintenance of the premises. Sometimes, the facility managers are under pressure to complete the maintenance task in the budget or lower. But no matter how much the budget is, the facility managers have to do all the essential tasks to keep up the maintenance. Well-planned maintenance will be very helpful in having cost-effective maintenance of the office. There are also certain aspects where you can cut the cost of maintenance. If you don’t know how to cut the costs then don’t worry, this post will help you to know the aspects where you can cut the costs.

Reduce or Upgrade the Lights

It has been seen that a lot of the premises’ energy bill cost is spent on lightings. Reduce the usage of lightings in the office. If the office has larger windows and gives plenty of light, then you can use fewer lights during the day time. You can also teach the staff to turn off the lights when not in use. You can also change the old lightings with modern LED lightings. LED lightings are more durable and energy-efficient than old traditional lightings. Also, an integrated automation system for the office will help to reduce the energy cost.

Update Your Maintenance Procedure

The procedure of your maintenance building would be old, and it would not have been audited for several years. Many steps in the checklist would be not necessary or repetitive to be done. When you have made the checklist go through the list and cut off the steps that are not needed. Identify the important steps in the maintenance and specify them. There will be new and efficient procedures available that would cut the time of workers doing maintenance jobs. Cutting off the time for workers will eventually cut the cost and you will save money.

Conduct Preventive Maintenance

Having a maintenance check ahead of time will be sufficient for you. You will be doing the maintenance ahead of time and you can spot any major issues before they occur and fix them. This will help prevent any major or accidental harm to the office in the future. When you call the maintenance for an emergency repair, it will cost you a lot of money, especially if the equipment that needs to be fixed is large in size and years old. If you stick to bi-annually maintenance for the premises, then you will be able to prevent any damage, which is costly and dangerous. 

Break Down Energy Bill Costs

Breaking down on the energy bill monthly or yearly will be beneficial in sorting out a way to cut off your energy bill costs. Energy reduction will eventually lead to reduce the cost you spend on the energy bills. Cutting on some energy consumption that is not needed will surely save you a good amount of money. You must check your energy bill every six months or yearly, it will help to identify if there is an increase in the spending of the bill. Keeping a check on energy will help you to keep the check on spendings efficiently.

Make the Employees Follow Safe Work Practices

There are chances of accidents taking place during work. Some may skip reviewing the safety procedures and practices to complete the task faster and this would eventually lead to accidents. A major accident or a major injury to anyone can be the cause of spending a lot of dollars. Even someone could file a lawsuit if the work is done unethically. Ensure that your employees have gone through the safety training and they have efficient skills and experience for the job to be completed. You will be able to save money on such accidents. And safe work practices and procedures should be reviewed once every year.

Keep a Check on HVAC System

Heating, ventilating and air conditioning are some of the biggest unpredictable costs. It’s a probability that a unit can stop working or gets malfunctioned on some extreme weather days, like extremely hot or cold. At such times, facility managers are pressurized to fix the HVAC problems immediately. Fixing an HVAC immediately is a very high cost known by everyone. So keeping a check on the HVAC for sure will save you a good amount of money. Having maintenance of the HVAC system twice a year with a startup and a running inspection would save you from unexpected spending.

Train Employees and Technicians

Employees that are not trained, skilled, or experienced properly in the field may not conduct the maintenance task properly. If the technician with proper requirements does not handle the given maintenance task, then it could lead to doing the repairs again, more damage and it will eventually increase the cost of maintenance. Getting the maintenance done multiple times will lead to cost you more. Better would be to complete the maintenance task from the experienced, skilled and certified technician for the first time.

These are the tips that you can adopt to cut off the costs from the maintenance task. Saving money in the energy bills and cutting on the budget cost is a good step for the facility. Hence, it said to have a plan for the maintenance tasks and to evaluate such things on where you don’t have to spend an extra amount. Improvising on such things will eventually help your facility to save a huge amount of money. Peakman Management has the facility managers who help to get an excellence maintenance task and save money on your budget simultaneously. You can contact Peakman Management for amazing services.


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