Who doesn’t want ease with facility management, when it comes to buildings and workplaces? Many companies are trying to optimize the use of space, manage facilities more effectively, and realize new cost-efficiency. An increasing number of facility managers are looking to ease the facility supplies management related tasks in their quest to improve the quality of life in their workplace.

Facility Management is a relatively young industry providing facility supplies and services such as cleaning and security. You need to strengthen your focus on the core business and grow with competitive advantages. Therefore outsourcing your non-core activities can provide you with multiple benefits and new cost-efficiencies. Besides identifying the right facility management provider to work with, consider which facility management approach fits best for your organizational needs and goals. So here are two types of facility solutions to choose from.

Single Facility Solutions

Opting for providers who can offer only single services means that you can outsource different parts of the facility management job to independent entities. It can include a catering provider, a security provider, or another expert single service provider. So here are some benefits of a single facility provider.

Expert Service

When you opt for single service providers, you are opting for experts who are specialized in the specific field. It is extremely beneficial for smaller companies who only need to outsource one or two non-core services. Making it easier for the management, it ensures that only certified professionals provide the particular service.

Easy to Coordinate

There is an old saying, ‘One throat to choke’ that can be applied while working with single service providers. A specialized service provider will take more responsibility and is much easier to coordinate when that particular maintenance issue arises.

Cost Efficient

It provides appreciable cost savings when you outsource to single service providers. It is cost efficient as it eliminates the duplication of services.

Integrated Facility Solutions

An Integrated Facility Management (IFM) provider takes total responsibility for a large number of services and consistently adapts to the customers’ changing needs. While many contractors handle welding, pipefitting, and metal forming, IFM offers these services under one roof. Integrated facility supplies solutions provide assistance to multiple requirements with a one-stop fabrication facility supplies.

Streamlined and Task Management

Rather than overseeing each individual task, IFM manages these tasks multiple times over. This increases the visibility of the management which indicates more effective management on employees, quicker responses to requests, and less downtime for employees.

Focus on the Bigger Picture

IFM provides a simplified structure instead of bouncing between multiple tasks and teams. When you are able to step out of the constant day-to-day management of workflow, you have more time and freedom to take more strategic approach to facilities management. You can easily focus on your company goals on one end and more granular control of core processes on the other. This makes it easier to assume an impactful role within the organization.

Acquire Best Practices

Facility managers must oversee all the systems and practices to keep facilities running. IFM providers focus solely on goals and projects. They implement best practices faster and suggest new ways to augment business performance while you can keep pace with leading advancements.

Improve Total Cost Ownership

With proactive and predictive maintenance systems in place, organizations can better understand the costs of upkeep and extend the life of their systems. IFM professionals provided benefits by developing a holistic strategy and operating model to support client operations.

Reduction of Operating Costs

Hiring an IFM provider allows you to reduce the additional costs which are associated with multiple service providers and reduce the number of contracts to simplify overall management. A single contract outsourcing can assist managers to avoid the direct and indirect costs of performing services, reduce the cost of staffing, materials and quality control.

Integrated facilities are the key to smart buildings. The more we take advantage of the technology and use it for the buildings and workplace, the more we will incline towards integrated models. If you have decided to opt for integrated facility supplies provider, you need to remember the three R’s, i.e. research, research, and research.

Single Facility or Integrated Facility Solutions: What Works Better?

Different businesses have different preferences when deciding between a single or integrated facility services outsourcing model. Smaller companies might need only one non-core service outsourced at the lowest cost possible. Meanwhile, medium and larger companies can outsource multiple facility supplies and services to preferably one integrated solution provider.

From management and a cost perspective, working with different single-service providers across multiple services areas can quickly become inefficient. The integrated facility service approach can eliminate the barriers between service functions, giving the outsourced facility management company to have full managerial responsibility.

Peakman management group Canada provides a range of in-house integrated facility solutions. Customized and designed according to our clients’ needs. We provide optimal management processes based experiences. Our diverse history of facility management provides us with the necessary experience backed by our hands-on professionals. From managing the smallest task of designing and delivering the most complex projects, we provide you with the most efficient operational environment possible. Contact us for more information for facility supplies for your commercial building or workplace.

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