Ever wondered about the efforts that go into a construction project? 

Construction project management is what professionally runs the construction industry. This process involves planning, coordinating, monitoring, and regulating the tasks required for the smooth conduct of the project. A construction manager is in charge of carrying the various tasks delegated under this project. There is versatility and a dynamic approach included while taking charge of different projects.

Construction project management process is a service which is carried out in five stages:

Initiation Stage

At the initial stage of the project, the design of the project is created, which gives a gist of the final output. Along with the concept of the project, necessary schematics, contracts, designs, industry codes and regulatory are discussed.

Pre-construction Stage

This stage requires extensive planning. It entails receiving permissions, the assembly, and review of documents from the construction team to begin the project. Before construction, the construction team would have to inspect the site and look for areas that may not have been identified during the designing stage. This process helps the construction manager move forward to the next stage of executing the project.

Procurement Stage

To execute the project, the construction team needs to acquire the project by competitive bidding or tendering. They then connect with different vendors to select, purchase and retain required items for the project. To achieve results at par with the client’s need, the construction manager has to engage subcontractors who are insured and licensed and have the knowledge and skill required to deliver value.

Building Stage

At this stage, the construction manager needs to engage the control necessary for the project to run smoothly. Control in construction denotes the quality, cost, and time. A clear scope of the requirements and expectations for the project must be outlined. Apart from that, the construction manager also needs to monitor the working of the team and the other members appointed under their command. The construction at the site begins with the scope of building in mind.

Owner Occupancy Stage

At the final stage of the construction, the aim is to achieve complete closure of the project. The owner’s expectations should be met while he moves into the building. Along with that, final deliverables are dealt with, and the team then evaluates the progress and success accomplished in the project. The final recordings are taken down, and past projects can be leveraged with team efforts. The resources of the project are then reassigned to their respective owners.

Benefits of Hiring Peakman Management Group for Construction Project Management Services

Peakman Management Group’s construction solution is a convenient and cost-effective way to plan and develop projects. It is a unique service offering designed for organizations that need professional construction project management services at short notice. With our construction project management service, you will reduce your operating cost, while maintaining your facilities in optimum condition. 

  • Customizable packages – We understand that no organization has similar requirements compared to others. This is the reason why we custom-make construction project packages for you that includes all the solutions that you are looking for. We don’t force any one-size-fits-all services or packages to our clients.
  • Systematic approach – From the start till the end of the project – that is, from understanding your needs to raising invoices – we ensure that you don’t encounter any problems and the process moves ahead in a structured way. Your construction manager appointed by Peakman Management Group will manage the quality, schedule, and budget to ensure that the work is performed responsively and cost-effectively. 
  • Experienced staff – Peakman Management Group has a pool of talent ready for you. These people are hired after thorough background checks. Plus, these people are further trained so that they are ready for the job. Hence, when you hire construction project teams, you can expect the best workforce to complete the task you have.
  • Immense experience – For over a decade, Peakman Management Group has been dedicated to serving the requirements of Canadian constructions around the clock. 
  • Available beyond provinces – We provide an array of construction management services throughout Canada.
  • 24/7 availability – Whether you want a workforce on holiday or at midnight, you just have to get in touch with the service provider. Whenever you have a requirement, PMGC provides the right fit for the job.
  • Ready-to-work technicians – Peakman Management Group Canada has skilled technicians and partners that are capable of servicing all aspects of a construction and will arrive fully prepared and capable to fix most issues onsite.
  • Licensed workforce – Our local resource partners are fully credentialed, licensed, compliance certified, and focused on providing flexibility to meet your objectives and budget needs.
  • Inventory supply – We not only provide construction project management services but also sell all kinds of cleaning, maintenance, and industrial supplies and tools. This means that you won’t have to look any further for the best products in the market.
  • Environmentally responsible – We are committed to complying with all applicable environmental laws and regulations, and recognize that reducing the environmental impact of our service and product offerings, as well as our operations, is an important part of the value we deliver to our clients.

Peakman Management Group represents more than 1,000 brand name manufacturers and over 400,000 quality products. Aside from the vast selection of manufacturers we represent, we also have access to 6 distinct and exclusive private label brands of material handling, safety, and industrial tool categories which provide top quality with exceptional value. 

This means that we provide comprehensive construction project management that extends through the life cycle of the entire project development. This spans from the various phases of executing construction and completing it strategically. You don’t need more reasons to select us over other construction project management providing company in Canada. 

So get in touch with us today to schedule a service that you are looking for. We will help you with a competitive package price.

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