As President of Peakman Management Group Canada, Andy Peakman emphasizes the vital role that facility maintenance plays in achieving success in cannabis production. He explains why diligence towards thorough upkeep is essential for high-quality end results.


With the legalization of cannabis and its booming industry, it has become essential for the production facilities to maintain high quality, safe and effective operations. The role of facility maintenance may seem like a mundane activity, but it is an essential part of achieving maximum productivity and preserving the overall functionality of the facility. In this blog we will explore the importance of facility maintenance in Cannabis production facilities.

Firstly, facility maintenance is vital to ensure that the production processes meet the stringent requirements of regulatory bodies. cannabis is a medicinal herb, and it is imperative that the production process meets the requirements that mandated by the regulatory bodies. The regulatory compliance requirements include quality control, risk management, sanitation, security, and environmental control. Neglecting any of these requirements can lead to contamination and loss of product, which results in losses for the business. Facility maintenance is critical to ensure that the production process is in line with the regulatory compliance requirements.

Secondly, maintaining the condition of the facility protects the health and safety of employees and consumers. cannabis is an organic product, and it grows in a warm and humid environment. This produces a perfect breeding environment for fungi, bacteria, and other pathogens. The production facility must maintain the indoor environment quality to ensure that the employees work in a safe environment, and the final product is safe for consumption. In addition, the facility must maintain regular fire safety checks, equipment maintenance checks, and maintain high air quality levels. A failure to meet any of these safety standards puts the lives of employees and consumers in danger.

Thirdly, maintaining the production facility helps to preserve the equipment and machinery employed in the production process. Cannabis production is a complex process that involves sophisticated technologies and equipment. The equipment used in production represents a substantial portion of the capital investment. Any failure, breakdown, or defect resulting from a lack of upkeeping can cripple the entire production process, which may lead to high operational costs and reputational damage. Routine maintenance can avert the loss of products and increase the lifespan of equipment and machinery. This significantly lowers the cost of production and enhances the serviceability of equipment.

Fourthly, the facility’s appearance and maintenance signify the ethics and values of the production facility. Most consumers are knowledgeable about the production processes around Cannabis. They care about the quality and safety of the product, and they can quickly notice any negligence in the facility maintenance. A poorly maintained facility would imply that the product is unsafe, low-quality, and potentially harmful to the consumer. In contrast, a properly-maintained facility communicates to the consumer that the facility values its consumers, and it produces high-quality products.

In conclusion, facility maintenance is an essential part of ensuring that a Cannabis production facility is efficient, compliant, and safe. It ensures that the production process meets regulatory compliance requirements, safeguards the health and safety of employees and consumers, preserves the equipment employed in the production process, and signifies the facility's ethics and values. Therefore, as the Cannabis industry continues to grow, it is essential to prioritize facility maintenance as a critical component for success.


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