In the complex, day-to-day operation of a busy organizations, managers are always on the lookout for the best ways to reduce costs in key areas. From infrastructure improvements and plant downtime due to infrastructure to managing a waste stream, keeping track of so many isolated regions don’t always come easily.

With so many ways to potentially cut unnecessary costs (and limited means of doing so), organizations can benefit from the services of an integrated facility solution (IFS) team.

Peakman Management Group Canada (PMGC) provides in-house integrated Facility Solution Services and Facility Supplies, customized and aimed to surpass our client’s expectations and requirements.

Reduces Operating Costs

With many internal teams handling different components of the workplace, redundancy and overlap are inescapable. Costs can also inflate as different teams spend their time and budgets on proposals which do not align with the larger company goals. With integrated facility solutions, inefficiency and unnecessary spending become much more easier to identify. The same also holds for external vendors. A single budget is almost always going to reduce supplies and vendor costs. You should also consider the increase in productivity that comes with supervising a single team (as compared to handling multiple partners or employees).

Minimizes Interruption

Safety hazards, accidents, material shortages, and planned maintenance can result in downtime at your organization. Faulty cleaning is often the primary cause of such interruptions. Whether it’s a silo that requires vacuum or a blocked pipe flowing to or from a facility, a right, integrated solutions firm possess the necessary industrial cleaning expertise to address complex challenges.

Organizations may require a diverse range of cleaning jobs, so a potential partner must have the correct equipment to complete a variety of projects. Using automation to address mechanical cleaning issues helps keep staff out of harm and cuts down on the amount of personnel needed for the task. From robotic blasters that clean fly ash from a silo, or tube lancing devices that operate in an enclosed space, automation presents efficient, safe solutions in a manufacturing industry.

PMGC Integrated Facility Solutions Management has deep roots in industrial cleaning supplies. As PMGC has gradually added additional services like Free facility evaluations and Facility On Demand, the commitment to innovation and quality has remained intact.


A flexible integrated facility solutions system is vital for ensuring that it keeps up with the alterations within your company and industry. While in-house systems easily stagnate, a good outsourced facility supplies system offers the flexibility needed to meet your individual business needs and changing requirements. You have options to pick and choose the services you need specifically for your company’s requirements. This means you won’t have to deal with any unnecessary software that is of no use to your business. Your staff won’t have to spend extra time to learn how to use systems that lack any utilization value.

Easily Accessible

Guaranteeing that you and your team members have easy accessibility to your facility solution systems is essential. It means not only the ability to log into the systems quickly but also the flexibility to allow multiple user access, as well as allowing admission from several locations. The different locations could be in office, at home, or on the move. Additionally, outsourcing integrated facility supplies means that all your data, information, and systems are at one location. The stable positioning makes it easier for you to find and access relevant information rapidly and economically.

KPI Monitoring

Key Performance Indicators (KPI) monitoring is a vital aspect of ensuring that the facility supplies you have in place, work cost-effectively. They aid you to set and evaluate targets and goals, confirming you keep on track while also helping to assess the existing goals. KPI monitoring also assists you in writing reports on your integrated facility system’s objectives and target achievements. This assistance not only helps you to keep your board updated with your facility supplies management but also enables you to set realistic future goals.

Saves Ownership Costs

Understanding the value of assets and creating a strategy to maintain terms is a vital function of an IFS provider. The role evolves from a simple maintenance manager to one of strategic advisor with a firm grasp of critical concepts such as total cost of ownership and the underlying value of predictive maintenance.

With proactive and predictive maintenance systems in place, organizations can better understand the costs of upkeep and extend the life of their operations. Overall, a well-developed IFS management program lowers facility costs over the long term. This program helps in avoiding unexpected expenditures and generates higher profits on investments.

IFS providers tap into the benefits mentioned above by developing a holistic plan and operating model to support clientele operation. When implementing an integrated facility supplies program, it is essential to look at providers that have a proven track record in IFS management delivery and, where applicable, experience in the organization’s industry.

Like any significant change, launching integrated facility solutions management within your workplace requires a substantial amount of groundwork and planning. Even so, IFS’s potential productivity and efficiency benefits make it worth serious consideration, and that’s at a minimum expense. The more complex your current web of tasks, personnel, and vendors is, the more likely you are to derive significant value from IFS.

Bringing IFS into your office environment requires you to address the challenge from multiple angles. Peakman Management Group’s IFS can help you cover them all. While plant managers know the area where they need to cut costs, collaborating with commercial cleaning supplies open the door to new innovative solutions.

Peakman Management Group’s team provides industrial clients with an integrated approach to problem-solving. Get in touch with us to discuss your requirements and let us chalk out a plan for you today.

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