We can see how the world is moving towards its bad days. In such bad times, we all are trying our bit to take a step to save the environment. “Going Green” is a serious trend that people are following, and they are trying to change their habits to ensure whatever they do has minimal side-effects on the environment. This is the reason why a lot of workspaces are striving to move towards eco-friendly and “green” methods of functioning. Taking a step towards eco-friendliness includes smart office management and cleaning tricks too. If you, too, wish to go green in your office, you can hire Peakman Management for your office maintenance and cleaning. Why? We’ll tell you how our services are better than others.

Uses Eco-friendly Products

Whenever you opt for Peakman’s services, you can expect us to use eco-friendly products that are entirely safe to use and don’t impact the environment negatively. We use the same eco-friendly products for all the services we provide, whether contractual or on-demand services. Right from office management to usual janitorial services, we use safe products as the market allows. You cannot be sure of this if you hire other facility management companies in Edmonton. So even if other companies charge less compared to us, you know that we are here to provide better services using better products.

Provides “Green” Products

We don’t just provide facility management services, but also sell a wide range of products that you can use for your office management and cleaning. Because we believe in and strive to buy, sell, and use environmentally friendly products, whatever we have on our online store is also safe to use. We promote products like UNITAB disinfectant tablets and eco-friendly garbage bags that are safe to use and don’t leave behind any harmful residues in any form. Also, their degradation happens successfully, which means you won’t affect the environment even while disposing of the products. This isn’t something that most facility management products selling companies aim at because they don’t believe in the “green” ideology.

Believes in Providing Safe Services

We design our services to be safe to use and to minimize their environmental impact while meeting all applicable government environmental standards and regulations. Also, we comply with applicable environmental laws and regulations and operate our business unit with all necessary environmental permits, approvals and operational controls. No matter what services you opt for, we will always get back to you with the best ways of working that won’t impact the nature, using products that we spoke about before. 

Helps in Taking More Steps

When you hire Peakman Management, you get an add-on benefit. Apart from providing eco-friendly cleaning and management services and using safe products, we also suggest other ways of remaining environment-friendly. Our team will go out of their way to suggest more tips that will help you maintain your office in a better way. Not every company would do that. Most companies focus on doing their job and providing solutions that they are supposed to. But because we believe in providing holistic solutions that will make you a responsible organization. 

Do you need more reasons to choose Peakman Management over other companies? If yes, then talk to us directly. We will explain to you how we function and the products we use. Depending on your office and your requirements, we will custom-make a package of services for you. This is because we also understand that there’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to office management and cleanliness. Call us on 1-587-329-0990, and let us take things forward.


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