Today, a lot of offices are giving up on the stress of keeping their workspace clean on their own and preferring professional janitorial service providers. Still, a lot of business owners and facility managers of big companies have misconceptions about commercial cleaning services. Hence, we thought of debunking the most common myths that people have to clear the air. If you too have one or many of these myths in your mind, read-ahead carefully.

Myth #1: Office People Can do the Cleaning

Fact: We have already talked about the benefits of outsourcing your office cleaning services. The primary purpose of your office staff is to perform their daily responsibilities. Yes, we agree that your employees can take necessary steps to keep their desks clean like keeping their dishes in the sink and throwing garbage only in the garbage bin. But you can’t expect your employees to do more than that. Sweeping and mopping the office floor or wiping desks may not seem like a good idea for most of your employees. Also, you cannot expect anyone to perform more stringent tasks like cleaning windows and toilets. For these, and every other cleaning tasks, you will require professional cleaning service providers. These people specialize in the field of keeping workplaces clean and maintained. They use the right janitorial supplies and provide thorough cleaning services on time.

Myth #2: Commercial Grade Janitorial Supplies are Useless

Fact: If you think that necessary janitorial supplies that you use at your home will be sufficient, you are mistaken. Your office requires robust and more efficient cleaning products because stains, grime, and dirt at commercial spaces are very different from those at home. Simple janitorial supplies can’t suffice these needs. Therefore, you will require high-end and sturdy, commercial-grade cleaning and janitorial supplies, primarily if you deal in oil and gas, manufacturing, and automobile industries.

Myth #3: Janitorial Services Aren’t Related to Productivity and Health

Fact: Imagine your workspace remains dirty and unmanaged all the time. Your employees have to spend minutes to find one crucial file. When you have a cluttered desk, a full trash can, and scuffed up floors, it can be challenging to concentrate on the task. Also, these issues make your employees fall sick. When an employee is unwell, it’s easy to spread germs and bacteria left on countertops, desks, or the water cooler to others. This way, a dirty office has a direct relationship with unwell employees. But when you hire commercial janitorial services, every part of your office remains clean, clutter-free, and managed. This further ensures that your employees don’t fall sick due to inadequate office conditions.

Myth #4: Commercial Janitorial Services are Too Expensive

Fact: This is a common misconception that hiring a commercial cleaning company may cost you millions of dollars. However, a lot of companies, such as Peakman Management, are flexible and provide payment plans for janitorial service at every price point. Find commercial cleaning services having clear, transparent pricing and payment plans. Also, when you compare the final quote provided by the company with the advantages of working with a professional cleaning service provider, you will realize that the cost is worth shelling out. After all, you can bear this cost for the well-being of your staff and the maintenance of your office space.

Myth #5: Green Cleaning is a Fad

Fact: Not at all! Green cleaning is a real thing, and a lot of offices that are concerned about their carbon footprints are moving to green janitorial services. Green cleaning puts green cleaning and janitorial supplies to use. And when you compare the costs of these green products, you will notice that there’s hardly any difference between the prices of regular and green janitorial supplies. You can go through our green products page and see the benefits of each one. These products require less water and don’t emote harmful chemicals that can harm nature.

Myth #6: Cleaning Service Providers Offer Bad Service

Fact: There are numerous commercial janitorial service providers who not only offer quality work but also wholly maintain their service standards. The right, professional retail janitorial service provider has the knowledge and skills to keep commercial spaces of any type and size clean and managed and deliver what is expected from them. Just because you or your friend previously had a bad experience with a cleaning service company doesn’t mean every company is unprofessional and provide inadequate services. If you choose the right janitorial service provider, you will never face an issue.

Myth #7: Janitorial Services Don’t Include Carpet Cleaning

Fact: A lot of people think that janitorial services only include washroom cleaning, office floor cleaning, dusting, mopping, and garbage removal. The truth is that commercial janitorial services encompass all services related to cleaning and maintaining every corner of your office. This means that it also includes thorough cleaning of carpets, rugs, curtains, blinds, and other upholstery. Service providers use the right janitorial supplies designed for different materials of carpets and upholstery. This ensures that your office essentials remain in their best shape and survive for a long time.

Myth #8: Upholstery Cleaning is Required Only When They are Stained

Fact: Staining isn’t the only issue that your office upholstery faces. Dust and dirt can settle on the soft surfaces of upholstery. These contaminants also penetrate their surfaces, especially furry and suede upholstery. Not only this but even pollen and mould particles can settle on the surface. This results in making your employees sick with skin and respiratory issues. Therefore, it is essential to clean office upholstery regularly and not wait for the time when they get stained or soiled.
Don’t let these myths about commercial janitorial services prevent you from getting the best cleaning services for your business. Now that you know the insights of this commercial service, make sure you consider the same to keep your office spic and span.

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